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Guy Njewel Memorial Clinic

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First Presbyterian Church of Magnolia has established a fund for The Guy Njewel Memorial Clinic in memory and honor of Dr. Guy Martial Njewel.


The objective is to build and equip a clinic in the village near Guy’s final resting place in NkooKomb, Cameroon. This will help facilitate much needed medical access and assistance at no cost to an underserved rural population. Many people in this area spend years without access to a doctor, medication, and other medical supplies. Providing access to medical care was very near and dear to Guy’s heart. Guy was inspired years ago to meet this need after seeing what First Presbyterian Church of Magnolia and Dr. Barnett and wife Corey did during a medical mission trip to Cameroon. Guy had continued to help provide medical access to the area, and had future hopes of expanding to a full free medical clinic.

The target goal is to raise about $100,000 to build and equip the clinic. Anyone wishing to donate in support of this mission may do so by contacting the church office or by making a gift online through First Presbyterian Church of Magnolia website. Please designate the gift to the GUY NJEWEL MEMORIAL CLINIC. This clinic will be such a blessing to the area and such a wonderful way to honor Guy’s legacy while spreading Christ’s love.

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Over $21,000 has been raised towards the $100,000 goal as of May 2024. 

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